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Transmit your message to the correct crowd immediately at the correct moment, through Digital Signage. The easiest way to explain digital signage is as a display format that displays TV, menus, data, advertisements, and other messages. For the transfer of any amount of data kinds, digital signage screens can be used.

Maintenance of Custom Signs is more essential than developing a fresh one, since the latter is easy and maintenance is hard work. Popular Sign one of the most trusted sign company and the best sign company for your digital signage solutions, and it was renowned for its difficult and inaccessible sign maintenance abilities. Sign solutions simply imply designing, manufacturing, installing, maintenance.

Popular Sign, a name you can trust for years. We consider hard work and quality assurance the key of success as it has helped our team in doing commendable jobs in a very competitive marketplace. Let us provide you an ideal choice for high profile signage applications, with our custom business signs and sign service along with high quality products, that includes
  • Channel Letter

Visible by day, luminous at night, channel letters provide the digital signage of your company with excellent depth and accuracy.

Channel letters are also referred to as "internally lit letters." This description tells it all in that every letter is usually lit from the inside with light shining through the face of the plastic sign or out of the letter's back. As with most of the signs we give, channel letters are custom produced of metal and plastic and are frequently illuminated with very effective LED lighting or neon tubing.
  • Cabinet Signs

Expand your chances from within the box!

Let the world understand that you have an aluminum cabinet sign with vinyl or digitally printed graphics included. Cabinet signs are big signs, perfect for reviving the image of your brand. Cabinet signage can either be illuminated by using LEDs, bulbs, neon, etc. or illuminated internally.
  • Dimensional Letters

Establish a professional picture and stand out from the contest. With the Popular Sign building projects and your custom signs, we will integrate your logo, colors and graphics into signs that match your message and brand identity with the setting around you. High-visibility construction signs make it simple for individuals to locate you and then find out where to go inside and outside on your property.
  • Electronic Message Centers

Electronic Message Centers (EMCs) are programmable computerized visual communication equipment intended for an external setting. EMCs are able to store and display various pictures and formats that can be programmed to display for distinct time periods. Electronic Message Centers will enable you to modify your message frequently, but without the additional expense of replacing components, letters or labor costs to modify your sign. They are fully programmable and can automatically adjust depending on the moment of day. The cabinets of the Electronic Message Center are intended to resist aspects such as rain, snow and sunshine. The ultra-light LEDs allow the sign to still be seen in the sunlight and make it an effective marketing tool during all hours of the day.
  • Banners

Banners are long-lasting, portable and inexpensive ways to show your message. Popular Sign provides you vinyl lettering banners in all dimensions and colors. You can place your business or private logo or colored image on any banner you want. Over the years, we have generated thousands of banners for clients returning with more orders year after year.

While there are custom size banners, some of the most popular dimensions are: 3'x 6', 4'x 10', 3'x 8', 5'x 20', and 4’x 15'.

Yellow, white, black, red, blue and green are the most popular colors.
  • Monuments Signs

Monument signs are an impressive way of communicating stability and permanence. If your organization is planning to stand the test of time, it should also be your external sign. You can choose from our broad range of models for monument signs or we can design one for you in particular. As with any item you buy from Popular Sign, in relation to the ideal sign for your organization, you will be able to enjoy sensible rates, fast turnaround and great customer service.
  • Lighting Solutions

At Popular Sign, we have metal halide, high pressure sodium ballast and LED. We have parking lot lighting applications suitable for any kind of lighting needs. With a choice of shoebox, cobra head or flood light fixtures.
  • Pylon Signs

Pylon Signs are a very professional and visible way of extending your "storefront" to the closest highway. Using neon or LED systems, these signs can be backlit and can be easily updated once they are constructed.

Hence you can count on Popular Sign, a sign service company for all works related to New and Old Sign making. With a personal vehicle, and in house capability to work independently Popular Sign can produce result oriented works for all who have limited budget for advertisements and their maintenance.

Popular Sign though not a very old enterprise is still unique with the entrepreneurship that it has owned, and the signage services it has provided in 3 years’ time. Hard work, quality and assurance are the key of Success for this team which has done commendable jobs being in a very competitive marketplace. To more information about this Houston, Texas, based companies, and one of the leading signage companies in USA, visit us at http://www.popularsign.com/
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